Developing effective weight loss strategies for shift workers

Shift workers are a population that are at an increased risk of being overweight/obese and developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) and type-2 diabetes compared with their day working counterparts. However, the experience of a typical shift-worker is not conducive to weight loss. Shift-workers tend to eat at all different times of the day and night, suffer disrupted sleep and do not always have access to healthy foods in the workplace. To effectively manage weight loss in this population, we propose trialling three weight loss strategies:- continuous energy restriction and two versions of intermittent fasting.

Participants will enter into a 24 week weight loss study followed by one year maintenance period. Dietetic support will be provided and blood samples and questionnaire will be completed at a number of time points across the study.

We are looking for support with recruitment of night shift workers who work a minimum of 4 night shifts per fortnight to take part.

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Maxine Bonham

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- Monash University

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