Do you have an unmet diagnostic need that we could build a solution for using CYBERTONGUE® Technology?

We have developed several families of biosensors that can measure the levels of target analytes, generally in the micromolar to picomolar range, with high selectivity. The tests are fast and easy to perform and can be done with serum, urine and other biological fluids. We have fifteen peer-reviewed publications on the technology.

We are now reaching out to clinical collaborators who can help us to identify and/or validate biomarkers so we can engineer biosensors for them and develop new, or radically superior, clinical diagnostics.

To quote Sandeep: "This could be related to actually finding a novel marker of disease (e.g. a marker for brain injury to detect stroke, trauma or a marker of bowel inflammation for say inflammatory bowel disease), performing a test faster (e.g. making a formal lab test into a bedside point of care test), or performing a test cheaper/better/smaller sample. E.g. bedside haemoglobin for a bleeding patient. Or bedside blood clotting in a trauma patient."

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PPB Technology Pty Ltd (licensee of CSIRO-developed technology platform)


Emergency medicine


Infectious Diseases

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Clinicians who see an opportunity to improve clinical practice with more timely/"better" diagnostics

Biomedical researchers with validated biomarkers looking for a suitable diagnostic platform

Collaborators to guide our development of novel biosensors and lead future clinical trials

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Company and investor funds plus various grants for entrepreneurs

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Stephen Trowell

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